The Grant Writer Hiring Guide

The Ultimate Guide To Hiring A Grant Writer, or Not

We know that financial resources at a startup, small business or nonprofit are always at a premium. Here are some things to consider when deciding if you want to write a grant yourself or hire someone.

Here are a few questions to consider:

Do you have time to write the grant?

We all know how important focus is, and we know how precious your time is. On average, you can count on three hours of writing, editing and proofreading per page of the narrative.

1.5 hours to carefully read and outline the RFP (grant application guidelines)
5 hours to write a detailed budget justification and to complete the budget forms
5 hours to obtain letters of support, resumes, and job descriptions
1 hour to complete the grant forms
5 hours to do a final review, compile, and submit the grant proposal

Have you mastered written communication?

If you do not consider yourself an experienced and talented writer, you should hire a grant writer.

Here are some things to consider when you hire a grant writer:

Thankfully, we curate amazing grant writers from all over the industry. We save you the trouble of sifting through mismatches and bad actors. However, it is wise to review profiles of matched grant writing experts. Also, consider the following points:

  • Even though you have hired a professional to write your grant, you need to realize that YOU are the expert on your business and your proposal. Over-communicate, share, collaborate and lead. 

  • Take the time to do a review of the final grant proposal. Compare the number of narrative pages and format to the page limit and format mandated in the RFP. Make other comparisons between the RFP and the final proposal to make double sure that the grant is in full compliance.