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How does OpenGrants work?

How does OpenGrants work? What to expect when using OpenGrants

What is OpenGrants Pro?

For those who want more powerful search tools, we offer a Pro plan for $29 per month. This lets you save grants to your profile, take notes, use power search filters, save your searches, and export the results to CSV. We’re also developing a powerful A.I. engine that will automatically match you to relevant grants.

How does hiring grant writers work?

  1. View the grant writer's profile in the Talent Finder and send them a message with your needs. This could include research, guidance, writing, editing, etc.

  2. They send you a proposal based on your needs.

  3. You accept the proposal and enter your billing information.

  4. Once the proposal is accepted, the grant writer can start work. You should keep open lines of communication along the way.

  5. They will log their hours, description of work, and attach documentation.

  6. OpenGrants will automatically compile their hours and records into one weekly invoice for you.

  7. Invoices are created on Saturdays. You have until the following Thursday to review before being charged for that week's work.

  8. Continue the project indefinitely, or pause/end it at any time.

How OpenGrants simplifies procurement and compliance

  • For organizations that require it, OpenGrants has downloadable W-9 tax documentation

  • A record of all messages sent over OpenGrants can be exported in one click for record-keeping

  • OpenGrants accepts both card and ACH payments via Stripe

  • OpenGrants handles all 1099 tax forms for our freelancers

We are always building more features to support you in your funding journey. Stay tuned for more to come.