Funding Strategy & Support Packages for Enterprise

To support your ecosystem with the most effective possible access to grant funding, we recommend a $5,000 credit that each organization/startup/government can use to hire experts.

Grant experts in our marketplace set their own rates, so fees vary, but the average rate is about $80/hour.

Based on our own experience with grants, we recommend a 2-step approach to using these credits:

  • Start with a funding strategy. This exercise takes about 25 hours of work, and most of the firms on our platform do it well. This includes evaluating the organization needs, researching all potential grants, and creating a long-term (1-2 year) strategic plan for going after grant funding. This prevents time wasted on applications that are a bad fit, and improves chances for success by identifying multiple grants over a longer timeframe.

  • After developing a funding strategy, the best use of the remaining hours is strategic guidance and editing. Organizations are typically the best people to write about their own business, so they should dedicate time to writing the application themselves. However, the grant writer can help them manage requirements and timelines, avoid common pitfalls, connect them to the right people, and edit the application to maximize the pitch competitiveness.

All this being said, the organizations are welcome to use the credits to hire experts in whichever way they see fit.

Throughout this engagement, we'll provide continued customer support via live chat to you the client, to make sure users are able to connect with—and get support from—the right grant writers.