PORTAL Subscription

PORTAL is our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product that helps you find grant funding that's right for you or your clients. It's powered by the most comprehensive database of public and private funding in the United States. There's a free version and multiple paid versions depending on the tools you need.

Hiring A Grant Writer - $99 (refundable)

A $99 deposit will get you a proposal for work and an intro meeting with a grant writer. If you wish to proceed after the meeting, the $99 will be credited to your account. If you decided not to proceed, your refund will be processed immediately.

After the kickoff meeting and agreement on scope and timeline, work will be billed hourly and invoiced weekly by the grant writer. Writers set their own rates according to market forces such as experience, past success rates, and demand.

The full cost of a grant writing project varies widely depending on the agency, the type of grant, and the scope of the project. Here are some loose guidelines:

  • A $100K-$250K award might cost $6K-$8K

  • A $250K-$1M award might cost $8K-$15K

  • A $1-$4M award might cost $15K-$30K


As part of your subscription, you can make monthly payments to accrue credits that can be used to pay grant writers and consultants. This simple system helps startups and nonprofits distribute the cost of grant writing and more intelligently manage their cashflow.

Hourly Consulting - $150-$300/hr

Before you hire a grant writer and start a project, you may want to connect with an expert in this space to ask broader questions. In this case you will meet with a funding generalist who can help you strategize your approach to grant funding. We have an amazing pool of freelancers who offer additional support with everything from DoD SBIR submissions to growth hacking and technology transfer strategy.

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