What does OpenGrants do?

We connect companies to amazing grants.
We keep our users connected to new opportunities.
We connect our users to amazing grant writers.
We provide software to automate grant management.
We provide systems to improve grant writing quality and workflow.

What are the OpenGrants Products?


Our basic platform is free to use. You will get access to grant funding opportunities all in the same place and you will have access to our support team. You will also have access to our grant templates.

In the basic platform you can hire grant writers, similar to Toptal, but for Grant Writing. We curate experts and match them to you based on your areas of interest. 


OpenGrants is pleased to host the most comprehensive data set of grant funding in the United States. Powered by lightning-fast natural language search, just ask it about grant funding, you will be delighted by what you discover.

OpenGrants GMS

Our GMS software automates grant management. Reducing the significant administrative burden to zero. Put your reporting and invoicing on autopilot, backed by our audit-proof assurance. 

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