Registrations You Need:

IRS EIN - You need this to get federal funding. Register for an EIN here, its free and easy. 


DUNS - The DUNS system is going away eventually, but for now you need it. Registration is also free and pretty straightforward. DUNS for Federal contractors is very specific, please use the link below. 

Federal DUNS Registration

SAM - Registering in the Federal System for Awards management is a critical, and sometimes long, step. It can take up to ten business days to get fully registered in SAM. 

SAM Registration

Individual Programs Will Require You Register On Other Portals: 

We will cover these in our kickoff meeting, but feel free to explore and sign up if you know what you need.

Grants.Gov - Is required for a variety of programs including NIH, DoD, and USDA.

SBA - Is required for SBIR programs from NIH, SBIR, NSF and DoD.

eRA Commons & eCPS - Are both for NIH - For NSF applicants

EBRAP &  DoD SBIR - For DoD related applications there are these separate portals. 

PAM’s - This is required for DOE related SBIR

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