Welcome to the OpenGrants platform! Use this quick guide to get started on your path to getting funded.

Get Registered

 Take time to get registered on the federal platforms to prepare your company to be ready to receive grant funding. This is important as these registrations and accounts are very slow to get set up and can stand in between the way of you and your funding. We have a quick reference guide to get you started. We also have a variety of services available to streamline the process for you. Here are the options we offer;

Do It Yourself:  All the tools you need to get registered.
Hire An Expert: Inclusive $250 package to take care of all registration (once again you can do this yourself, for free, but we are happy to make the busy work dissapear)
Fiscal Sponsor As A Service: A more sophisticated approach. Click the link to learn more.

Questions? Book a meeting with us to get things rolling!

Download Slack

We love Slack, and its a great way to set up secure channels to talk with your grant writer, share documents and collaborate. Also its free, so if you don't have it, get Slack. If you currently use a paid Slack plan, we will sent you a shared channel and collaborate, so you wont need to add another slack organization to your workflow. 

Check Out Asana

Asana is an excellent project management tool, and we use it to keep all of our grant writing moving smoothly. Should you choose to engage a grant writer, this is what they will be using to keep things on time. 


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