A Guide to API Costs

Here is a quick rundown of the API costs and cost structure


To get an overview of the API cost itself, you can refer to the pricing table above. To understand exactly what your usage might look like do the following:

  1. Sign up for our 30 day free trail here to get started.
  2. Once you have access to the developer portal, you will be able to track calls and usage over time and estimate your costs.

Other Project Costs

Depending on your implementation of the API, your users may be able to hire consultants and technical assistance providers. The resulting projects can incur costs and these can be billed and managed via our API.

All technical assistance providers and vendors on the OpenGrants platform are contractors, as such they set their own rates. So if you are opening up this functionality to your users, it is impossible to say exactly how those costs will look.

However, we do offer a few packages and fix rate products that cover standard project costs and they can be pre-purchased from the team. If you are interested in accessing any of the following plans, just email enterprise@opengrants.io.

Any of the packages below can be purchased ahead of time and allocated as credit to your users accounts. This can be done in bulk, quickly and efficiently allowing you to manage your costs and provide a significant value add to your audience.

Project Cost Packages

Product Overview

Cost Per User

Grant Funding Strategy: This is a plan that outlines the groups funding strategy for the next year or two. Experts will work to identify key targets and develop a comprehensive plan to secure funding.


i.e. sometimes there may be multiple users for a single organization. This fee would cover all of them engaging to create a single deliverable for the organization.

More packages will be released as requested. Feel free to send feedback or suggestions to enterprise@opengrants.io